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Antonis Theodorou


Head of Assurance and Advisory Services

Antonis studied and trained in the United Kingdom as an auditor. He holds a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Leeds Beckett University and he is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant. Upon his return to Cyprus in 2011, he joined ATCA and founded the assurance and advisory department of the firm, which he now leads.

His main clients include shipping, e-commerce, and investment holding companies. He is well versed in the shipping industry, having assisted major shipping companies to establish a presence in Cyprus and other key jurisdictions.

Antonis is a lifelong learner. He is especially into emerging technologies and e-commerce and he closely follows Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain developments. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his daughter.

Recent cases


Constantinos has assisted me with great tax advice. He initially helped me get settled when I relocated my family to Cyprus and he guided me every step of the way. Since moving there he has advised me on various tax structures to maximise my earning potential. He also coordinated a project between lawyers and tax advisors in three different jurisdictions, Cyprus, the USA and Mauritius and successfully concluded an arrangement on my behalf. His service and contacts have assisted me greatly and I appreciate the fact that he gives all matters the attention they deserve. I highly recommend!

J.M., M. Investments Ltd

Since day 1 I can not fault nor criticise Constantinos Markou on sticking to commitments made, materialising projections done and advising me correctly and smartly. He has helped me tremendously with establishing and growing a model and base in Cyprus that allows me to conduct business in various parts of the world. He seems to know all the answers and understands what I expect from him as advisor which makes working together so much easier and more enjoyable. No doubt a great asset to any individual or organisation that wishes to establish itself in Cyprus or Europe.

M.M., TPS Ltd

I was impressed by his professionalism, responsiveness, knowledge, and the accuracy of his work. It is very pleasant to work with him and he is always our first choice when advise is required for Cyprus tax matters. The support that we have been receiving from Constantinos is outstanding. Also, the availability of he and his team at any time is what I consider to be very helpful as well, either that is off-working hours or weekends.

A.C., KT Group