Cyprus Capital Duty

Upon the incorporation of a Cyprus company and any subsequent increase of its share capital, there is capital duty payable at the Registrar of Companies. Set out below is [...]

EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions

On 5 December 2017, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the EU (ECOFIN) issued a list of non-EU non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The list includes 17 jurisdictions [...]

Russia implemented CRS – Are you ready?

On 27 November 2017, the Russian President signed bill No. 231414-7 (in Russian) effectively enabling the implementation of automatic exchange of information of the Russian Federation with other participating [...]

Temporary Tax December 2017 | Προσωρινη Φορολογια Δεκεμβριου 2017

  We would like to remind you that the date of payment of the second installment of your temporary tax for 2017 is 31 December 2017. Tax provisions on [...]

Deemed Dividend 2017 | Λογιζομενη Διανομη 2017

We would like to remind you of the Deemed Dividend Distribution tax return that must be submitted to the Cyprus tax authorities by 31 January 2018 and the settlement [...]

Cyprus NID (Notional Interest Deduction)

The profits of a Cyprus company can be significantly reduced by shifting profits to a zero-tax offshore jurisdiction. Although this may create significant tax savings for the Cyprus company [...]

Cyprus Double Tax Treaties

Double tax treaties are agreements between two or more countries for the allocation of taxing rights and the imposition of obligations for each country. Through the application of the [...]

Cyprus Tax Diary 2017

Our Information Sheet Cyprus Tax Diary 2017 summarises the important dates for tax purposes in Cyprus for companies and individuals. Information Sheet: Cyprus tax diary 2017 [...]

Cyprus Company Annual Compliance Obligations

Maintaining a Cyprus company includes various compliance obligations that you should be taken care of. We out in our information sheet most of these compliance obligations for your general [...]

Cyprus Tax Highlights 2017

Our Information Sheet Cyprus Tax Highlights 2017 is a very brief summary of the main taxes applicable in Cyprus on companies and individuals. Information Sheet: Cyprus Tax Highlights 2017 [...]